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Sheep Section

Enquiries to Chief Steward: John Murray 086 8243792






Prize Money:      1st €45   2nd €25   3rd €15   Entry Fee: €5












All sheep must be identified individually with appropriate ear tags issued in accordance with the requirements of the National Sheep Identification System (NSIS).




Movement Documentation


All consignments of sheep being moved must be accompanied by a completed dispatch document. Individual details of each sheep in the consignment must be recorded on the document. Only sheep from non-restricted flocks can be moved to shows. In the case of flocks restricted following diagnosis of scrapie, only sheep possessing the ARR/ARR genotype may be exhibited. The movement of these ARR/ARR genotype sheep must be accompanied by the relevant movement permit (SCR/10), which can be obtained from the local District Veterinary Office in the County where the flock is located.




Flock Register


All movements of sheep to and from shows must be recorded in the keeper’s flock register.




Exports to Northern Ireland


All sheep must be accompanied by a traces intra trade certificate for ovine animals. A traces message, corresponding with the traces certificate, will be sent for each animal or consignment being dispatched to the show (this will be performed by Department officials of the DVO). Exhibitors are advised to contact the show society at the destination well in advance of any show to determine the suitability of the show for return of animals (eg. premises and sheep status), and whether the authorities will have officials and veterinary staff present to supervise and process documentation for animals returning to origin.






Agreement for the movement and immediate return of sheep to a show in another country or vice versa currently only applies for movements between Ireland and Northern Ireland - it does not apply for movements to Great Britain or further afield. Movements to shows in countries other than Northern Ireland, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and you should contact your local District Veterinary Office at least one month prior to the show




Attendance of sheep from scrapie monitored flocks at show and sales in 2016:


Shows between 1st May and 31st October.


Sheep from scrapie monitored flocks will be permitted to attend Agricultural Shows taking place between 1st May and 31st October, without restriction or separation from other categories of sheep.


Enquiries to Chief Steward: John Murray 086 8243792


Prize Money:      1st €45   2nd €25   3rd €15




Entry Fee: €5




All Sheep MUST be penned by 10.30am


Judging starts at 11.00am


NOTE: Numbers must be clearly displayed by exhibitors






 Suffolk Section


Class 150: Suffolk Ram – any age Purebred






Wicklow Cheviot Section


Class 151:Wicklow Cheviot Ram – any age Purebred


Class 152:Wicklow Cheviot Ewe  - any age Purebred


Class 153: Pair ofWicklow Cheviot Ewe Hoggets


CLASS 154: Pair of Wicklow Cheviot Ewe Lambs




Best Cheviot of Section






Texel Section




Class 155: Texel Ram   - any age Purebred


Class 156: Texel Ewe    - any age purebred


Class 157: Texel Ewe Lamb 






Best Texel of Section                    




Commercial Section




Class 158: Crossbred Ewe – any age


Class 159:Crossbred Ewe Lamb from Blackface Mountain Ewe & Cheviot Ram


Class 160:Crossbred Ewe Lamb other than above


Class 161: Best Sheep any breed not previously classed


Class 162: Butchers Lamb over 45kg


Class 163: Factory Lamb under 45kg                                      


Class 164:Connemara/Mayo Light Hill Mountain Blackface Wether Lamb


CLASS 165: Connemara/Mayo Hill Blackface Wether, Shearling & upwards


       Confined to Connemara






Best commercial of section




Any confined entries are eligible to compete in open classes

provided they are entered in both


 connemara/mayo mountain Blackface Type Section


 CLASS 166: Mountain Blackface Ewe 2 years and over - confined to Connemara


Class 167: Mountain Blackface Ewe 2 years and over


Class 168: Mountain Blackface Ewe Shearling - confined to Connemara


Class 169: Mountain Blackface Ewe Shearling.


Class 170: Mountain Blackface Ewe Lamb - confined to Connemara.


 Class 171: Mountain Blackface Ewe Lamb


Class 172: Pen of 2 Lanark Type Ewe Lambs


Class 173: Mountain Blackface Ram Shearling – confined to Connemara


Class 174: Mountain Blackface Ram Shearling


CLASS 175: Mountain Blackface Ram Lamb


Class 176: Mountain Blackface Ram 2 years and over


CLASS 177: Pen of 3 Mountain Blackface Ewe Lambs – Straight off the hill –


                      confined to Connemara


CLASS 178: Mountain Blackface Ewe with own lamb at foot- Just off the hill


                      confined to Connemara                                                                                                   


Best mountain Blackface of the Section will also receive


The Kieran Keane Memorial Cup presented by Chris Cahill    


Class 179: Young Handler under 14 years.


 (Emphasis on presentation and all aspects of correct preparation and showing of livestock.  Exhibitor will be asked to answer questions and show a good general knowledge of the breed)




 NOTE: All sheep must be tagged & dispatch documents handed in & stamped.








Supreme Champion of Show


Chosen from winners of each section


  Rosette & Thomas Welby Perpetual Challenge Trophy










Working Sheep Dog Demonstration


By Paddy Flaherty













 NOTE: All sheep must be tagged & dispatch documents handed in & stamped.


Supreme Champion Of Show.

Chosen from winners of each section

  Rosette & Thomas Welby Perpetual Challenge Trophy

Working Sheep Dog Demonstration

By Paddy Flaherty